Thursday, 13 September 2012

MaximumSteezyFloss.... back in the building??

I just wanna tell you some stuff....

..... you know?

Twitters cool for a lil 140 character update,

FB is cool for "This is what Im doing NOW",

Tumblr's cool for a repost *shrugs* or even an original post of some shit,

Instagram #this #that #whatever , but the blog...

aint really nothing like it ...

Sooo here I am .... (like an girlfriend who left a good boyfriend to "see other people" only to find there wasnt shit better out there! #shameonyougreedybish!!) ... wanted to share my wonderful world with you again .. like we used to? God knows its been a while so im not gonna go as far back as February .... but I might go to Monday? Monday sounds cool right? You missed this didnt ya ;-) Yep .. I see you...

Alright ... lets just talk about Tuesday coz i might already be bored of typing ... and you may very well be bored of reading ;-) Basically ... I shot my FIRST SOLO VIDEO FOR MY FIRST SOLO RELEASE EVER!!! Thats a big deal no? I think its a massive deal .... really nervous I cant lie but my favourite brands had my back big time, the team I worked with ... O.M.G such a flippin lovely bunch looked after me and just poured positive relaxed vibes into the room ....needless to say I CANNOT WAIT to see the first edit at least.... I keep looking back at a few looks like pleeeeeease God let me have done a good job, but generally ... thats just me ... constantly craving perfection in a perfectly imperfect world.

Anyyyywhoo ... I have 4 minutes to make a cuppa tea and get ready for Easties ... I just wanted to share something with you .... I know its short ... but it kinda means Im back no? ... right?

(I watched it before I posted ... what the HECK was that all about??)

Hope your making your world wonderful!



Sunday, 26 February 2012


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Maybe farewell ....

Ive got a feeling that i'm leaving ..... its only been one day but ive been moonlighting on tumblr ... I think i love it already (eeeeeek)

For now ..... come see whats been cracking ....

Big Love


Saturday, 18 February 2012

Our Beloved Whitney....

I woke up saturday morning after having a little meditative state of thanks for life, looked at my phone, and a friend had sent me a bbm saying ... "Whitney Houston's Dead".  I tell you it was and is soo surreal.... I dont want to say too much on it really (hence my late post), but I just watched this and really shed a tear.  Never really been a fan of Wendy Wiliams, but this felt so real i just needed to share .... hope you are all living to the maximum....

Big Love



Usher Raymond - Climax (Prod by Diplo)

I love this too much not to post .... definitely loving RnB at the moment ... *smiles* AMEN!!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Wonderful World of Roses Gabor Vol 1 Mixed by Martelo

Incase you havent heard .. I dropped a Mixtape 2 days ago ....  I cant believe im 2 days late on my own shit!! Anyway its sick .... Martelo is the Ultimate G that mixed it and you can download it here--->click me ;-) its called ... "The Wonderful World of Roses Gabor Volume 1 ... please enjoy ...preferably with a lychee Martini ... amongst friends ... or on your own ... ur choice ...but download enjoy and share ;-)

Big LOve xxx

Mixed by MARTELO
Artwork by Lee Glasspool
Photography by Kevin Morosky
Make up by Lucy Pearson

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Ke$ha feat Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, TI, & Andre 3000 *Sleazy RMX*

Never .... Ever ... listened to Ke$ha but ... Lovin this tune ... very nice indeed .... couldn't really lose tho with 3 Stacks & T.I on it ....  Not an official Vid but pretty cool all the same ;-)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Lana Del Rey - Born to Die

I dont care who she was .... or who she is ..... whether her face is new, old, whatevs! I just love the visuals and the mood of song "Video Games" (also below)  ..... they captivate *shrugs* Bite me.

ASAP Rocky - Wassup

*Raps* I be that pretty m'f*cka ......London's what im reppin tell em quit the bitchin im way better aint no question - Roses Gabor ;-) *tickled immensely*

Enjoy x

Monday, 23 January 2012

Estelle - Thank you

A beautiful and eerie offering from none other than our very own .....  Estelle .... Absolutely LOVE those furs ..... myyyy gaaaaaarsh ;-)!!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Lianna La Havas - He loves me (Jill Scott cover)

I think I love her .....infact ... im pretty sure .....

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Bullitts - Supercool

My mate is an absolute G ... LOve this Song ... and Vid .... Fantastic work J xx

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy New Year You Gorgeous Lot!! xx

I'm sorry ive been away soo long ...... I've had loads going on .... went hospital for a min .... family got the gastric flu thing .... Christmas came ... New years .... and now we're here ...

Now im typing it feels like forever but truth be told .... i didnt really wanna post anything to you unless it was from me giving you some music or something.... Ive been working on some stuff for you that should be ready in the next two weeks or so .... I cant say too much because i hate to talk things up ... I just wanna tell u what is and what aint ... and right now .... what it "is" "aint" ready ;-) feel my dargs??

Anyway .... i know its not me in the vid below .... but these 2 young men have my heart right now .... its the way i felt about Angel ;-) remember? Anyway ... just super dope and i cant wait to vibe with them both... let me know what you think ... until then ... I havent forgotten you trust me ....and Im working really hard to bring you some heat....

Big love for being a part of this journey ... May 2012 be filled with fun, adventure, love, great health, wealth and peace for all of us...


Shakka - (Shakkapella) - Thinking bout you (Frank Ocean)
 @iamshakka (on twitter)

Luke James - I want you @whoislukejames

Saturday, 12 November 2011